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20 pocket QSL & Photograph Organizers, 5 pocket Certificate Organizers and pocket sleeves for 3 ring binders
your Priceless QSL cards safe and Organized. Clear Poly Archive Safe NON-PVC for DXCC, WAS, WAC, IOTA QSL card holders, qsl card organizers, QSL card albums, and QSL organizers, Create a qsl card library or just wallpaper the shack!


- 100% made in the USA – Lead and Acid Free
- Archival Safe

Prices reflect USA shipping only, email for non-US rates and larger quantities sales@starksen.com


qsl card holders 20 pocket Certificate Award organizer 20 pocket archivesafe qsl photo kudo pocket

Certificate Award organizer 5 pocket archivesafe qsl photo kudo

20 Pocket Wall Display

20-Pocket Wall Display


5-Pocket Certificate Display

5-Pocket Wall Display


4 -Pocket QSL Pages

4 -Pocket QSL Pages


2-Pocket QSL Pages

2-Pocket QSL Pages


1-Pocket QSL/Cert Pages

1-Pocket QSL/Cert Pages


New larger Size
QSL card Holders

20 Pocket QSL Card Organizer

2 cards wide by 10 cards down. 

Wall qsl card display hangers  

Each hanger has 20 pockets,  And can hold a Total of 40 cards (to display on each side)

Holds 4 1/4 "x 6" cards. 


Center Loading 


Aprox. Size 45” X 12”

Standard 4x6 postcards and photos can be stored in these holders.


Lines up with 5 pocket Certificate holders perfectly.


New Certificate

8 1/2" x 11" Size
5 Pocket

Certificate and Award

Organizer  wall display.

Each hanger holds

five ( 8 1/2" x 11")


Total size is approx

45 x 11 inches.

These certificate

5 pocket organizers

match perfectly with our 

20 pocket

qsl holders.

Stardard 4 pocket pages


For standard 3 ring




- 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 cards

2 Pocket Pages for

Oversized QSL cards


- 2 pocket

- Top Loading
- 5 x 7 cards

1 pocket

Top loading

8 ½ x 11 pages


Great for awards,

Certificates and

Special Event QSL’s

Proudly organize your best DX catches, WAS, DXCC, Century Club, etc....
and share at club meetings and hamfests.  Hams spend thousands of dollars on your rig, tower and hundreds of hours working DX in pileups and Nets, lick hundreds of stamps,
and pestered rare QSO operators to send a card. Don't QSL cards deserve a better life than in shoe box?

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We will pay for the return shipping and even if the item is damaged being sent back to us, we'll take the hit.

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Elmer new hams into the hobby!! These exceptionally well constructed albums which are made in the USA and perfect for ham QSL cards. These USA made sleeves are ultra clear and made of non PVC archive safe materials which limit sticking to photographs etc... By storing your QSL cards you are protecting history.

Works great for WAS, WAC and DXCC submittals and tracking, or just keeping organized when friends visit the ham shack and protects a lot better than those index boxes which can tatter and wear your qsl Cards. So now people can look at both sides of your cards without leaving their fingerpints on your qls cards guaranteed.

We have sold thousands of these world wide.  Archival Safe - Non PVC and Non Acid Materials. Three holes for notebook storage and for safe keeping.  


The less your cards are handled the better.   Keep Your valued QSL cards safe and organized.

Archival Safe, NO PVC,  MADE in the USA

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